The Houston Spanish and Flamenco Festival 2016 will celebrate art, education and culture for the participation and enjoyment of audiences of all ages and origin.  Central to this non-profit effort is the MISSION to educate by facilitating understanding and access to Spanish and Flamenco arts thereby fostering connections, creativity and cultural exchange.



Join us May 26 - 28 for 3 days of immersion into the passionate and rhythmically exciting art of flamenco!


Featured this year is Emmy Award winning Dancer and Artistic Director, Yaelisa. "She is one of those rare total artists whose every muscle is dedicated to defining a state of emotion….  The feet propose a complex rhythm; the proud torso melts into sinuous postures, every fluttering finger generates a vignette,”  Allan Ullrich, Voice of Dance.


Yaelisa’s Caminos Flamencos unites the organic and contemporary state of flamenco arts.  The Company and its renowned artists, some of the finest flamencos in the U.S., are led by Yaelisa and virtuoso Music Director Jason McGuire “El Rubio,” and joined by singer José Cortés, acclaimed dancer Fanny Ara and percussionist Marlon Aldana.  Enjoy their invigorating artistry at the CULMINATING PERFORMANCE on May 28th, at Corbin Recital Hall, San Jacinto College Central.  Performance Tickets


WORKSHOPS present an opportunity for everyone to gain insight to flamenco arts.  Featured artists will guide aficionados, arts students and all interested toward greater understanding of components, technique, traditions and practice.  Workshop Registration


The HSFF was founded in 2011 by Irma La Paloma and Jeremías García as the first ongoing festival in Houston to celebrate Spanish and Flamenco arts under the triad non-profit collaboration of Solero Flamenco, San Jacinto College and the Consulate General of Spain in Houston.


Since its debut, the festival has been awarded funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities, consecutive non-competing grants from the National Endowment for the Arts as well as support from the San Jacinto College Foundation.


In a span of 6 years, the HSFF has brought 31 acclaimed artists to our city thereby setting a standard in quality of performances and instruction.  The festival has invited and fostered the participation of 19 local artists.


Each year, HSFF’s FLAMENCO FOR KIDS & TEENS!  brings Spanish and Flamenco arts to hundreds of participating students and educators in independent school districts in Houston and the region.


The HSFF model and programs have been the inspiration for other festivals and parallel efforts.


We are sincerely grateful to all contributing individuals, organizations, audiences and energies that have made all this attainable and successful!


We look forward to your participation and enjoyment of this year's



Participate, Learn, and Enjoy the essence of this living art!







Irma La Paloma and Jeremías García

Founders and Directors

Houston Spanish and Flamenco Festival

A non-profit collaboration of

San Jacinto College South

Solero Flamenco and

The Consulate General of Spain in Houston



These entities, supporting personnel, volunteers, and your participation make possible the programs and events of the Houston Spanish and Flamenco Festival.









The National Endowment for the Arts is an independent federal agency that funds and promotes

artistic excellence, creativity, and innovation for the benefit of individuals and communities.


“There is a strong connection between the arts and educational achievement.  We know that experiences in the visual and performing arts promote critical thinking, self-reliance, and motivation.  The Houston Spanish and Flamenco Festival, hosted at San Jacinto College, is a unique opportunity to experience a form of Spanish folk music that originated in Andalusia in Southern Spain.  It is song, it is guitar, it is dance, and it is costume.  It is an experience for the ears, the eyes, and the heart.  It is our goal at San Jacinto College to promote the education of our students in all respects.  We believe that the arts are an essential component of education, and we believe that the Houston Spanish and Flamenco Festival is an integral part of that arts experience.”


Dr. Laurel V. Williamson, PHD.,

Deputy Chancellor and President of San Jacinto College


“It pleases me, for the first time since my arrival in Houston, to participate in the Houston Spanish and Flamenco Festival, which has established itself as an

annual artistic event bringing many residents of the city of Houston closer to such an interesting artistic expression as Flamenco, with profound roots in

Spain. I hope this new edition will be yet another success for its organizers and once again, an important celebration in Houston’s cultural life.”




“Me complace, por primera vez desde mi llegada a Houston, poder ser partícipe del Houston Spanish and Flamenco Festival, que sé que ha logrado consolidarse como una cita artística regular, que permite a muchos residentes en Houston acercarse a una expresión artística tan interesante y con raíces profundas en España como el Flamenco. Espero que esta nueva edición sea un nuevo éxito para los organizadores y una vez más, un acontecimiento en la vida cultural de Houston.”


The Honorable D. Enric Panés

Consul General of Spain in Houston



Solero Flamenco LLC

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