FLAMENCO FOR KIDS & TEENS! is a unique program of the Houston Spanish and Flamenco Festival's Educational and Community Outreach.  Students and educators from Houston and surrounding Independent School Districts are invited to gratuitous performance demonstrations by Houston's premier flamenco performing company, Solero Flamenco.   Housed in the state of the art Slocomb Auditorium at San Jacinto College Central, the program provides an introduction to Spanish arts centering on the Andalusian art of flamenco.


Educators, if you would like your students to participatein HSFF Flamenco for Kids & Teens!  May 17, 2016, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm at San Jacinto College South, contact us at education@hsffestival.com


ABC 13 Interview with Crystal Kobza

May 23, 2012

Dancer Edith Nino demonstrates posture and arm placement.

Building self confidence and discipline through the arts...

Building self confidence and discipline through the arts...

" I have to say that the experience was wonderful. My students were very excited to be there,


it was an enriching experience for them. Flamenco for Teens made us feel welcome and the workshop was incredible, Solero Flamenco does a wonderful job in teaching the basics of Flamenco as well as some history.  They not only teach the students but allow them to interact

and practice the steps being taught.  My students left that day very happy and because of this wonderful experience we decided to dance Flamenco for our next Spanish Olympiad."


                   Ms. Shirley Gil, Harmony School of Science - High, Sugarland



Everyone is encouraged to do palmas or handclapping to compás or different rhythms of flamenco.







Students of Clear Horizons Early College High School

Students of Clear Horizons Early College High School

Cante or song is at the root of flamenco.  Under the instruction of Cantaora

Irma La Paloma, participants practiced breathing and voice projection.


Professor of Music and flamenco guitarist, Jeremías Garcia,

 explains and demonstrates the role of the guitar.


Attentive participants learn castanet basics from

dancer and instructor Solangel Lali Calix.


Students are  introduced to the Cajón or boxdrum

by percussionist and instructor Chris Howard.



"Since our school is a Title One school, our students rarely have the opportunity to attend events such as the one you presented.  Many of the students had no prior knowledge of flamenco.  This is particularly distressing to me for my Latino students.  I believe that it is important for them to know about their heritage and their culture.  Unfortunately, many lower income families do not have the disposable income that allows them to buy tickets for events that have to do with culture and the arts.  You are to be commended for giving these students the opportunity to learn more about the Hispanic culture and the art of flamenco."


                                                     Debrah Justice Bellmyer, Teacher, Gentry Junior School



"Part of the mission of Flamenco for Kids & Teens! is to promote self-confidence, discipline and participation through the arts.  In making the Spanish arts accessible to students and educators, we are providing a historical, cultural and artful perspective to students who would not otherwise have the opportunity to engage in these art forms.  For many it is the first exposure to their heritage, for others it is an opportunity for cultural diversity.  We look forward to expansion of this program so that many more students will enjoy learning through interactive participation."



Irma La Paloma and Jeremías García

Founders and Directors

Houston Spanish and Flamenco Festival



Photos:  Andrea Vazquez

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